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We are the premier pet grooming shop in Northwest Tucson, offering a wide array of grooming
services for your dog or cat. Teddy's Dog House offers a loving atmosphere for your
pet from a full staff of experienced groomers who are committed to providing expert
scissoring and attention to every detail. We specialize in all breeds of dogs and cats, and
take the time to ensure that we do a thorough job grooming your pet.

At Teddy's Dog House, our experienced groomers treat every pet as if it were their own.
We're dedicated to providing the most personalized service for you and your pet in a
warm, loving atmosphere that caters to all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.
We offer two grooming packages for your pet; the Bath and Brush and Full Clip.
Our Bath and Brush service is sure to keep your pet looking healthy, happy, and
smelling their very best.

The Bath and Brush Grooming includes:

Bath and Conditioner
Blow Dry
Ears and Glands
Bow or Bandana

With the Full Clip Grooming, your pet will receive all of the Bath and Brush services as well
as an expert clip and scissoring from one of our experienced and skilled groomers. Prices for the
grooming services offered by Teddy's Dog House vary according to the breed of dog you own.
A complete listing of prices for individual breeds are posted in the shop, but the average
pricing guidelines for 2015 follow and are subject to change.

Bath and Brush - Dogs

Small Breeds: $48 - $52+
Medium Breeds: $52 - $62+
Large Breeds: $62 - $72+

Full Clip - Dogs

Small Breeds: $58 - $62+
Medium Breeds: $62 - $68+
Large Breeds: $72 - $88+

Cat Services begin and $65 and are
priced according to services requested.

Teddy's Dog House offers a full range of organic and specialty shampoos,conditioners, and treatments for your pet, including

Medicated Hypo Allergenic

Flea/Tick Re-Moisturizing

Extra charges will apply for all specialty shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for your pet and will be discussed prior to application.
 Additional charges will also apply if your pet's fur is matted or your pet is difficult due to coat or personality.
The expert grooming services provided by Teddy's Dog House are recommended by veterinarians.
The times for grooming services average 4-5 hours depending on the services needed, but can vary greatly depending on the breed and the clip or cut that is needed.
 Teddy's Dog House likes to take our time and do a thorough job grooming your pet, so be patient and we will call you when your pet is ready.

To schedule an appointment for your pet's next grooming service, please contact Teddy's Dog House today at 520-744-1965.

Perry says, "check out our You Tube Video by clicking my picture".

After serving our clients and their pets for over 20+ years, and having been the Official Groomer 
for KOLD's Tuesdays Tails for over 15 years, our longevity speaks VOLUMES about our LOVE for 
your pet and our dedication to what we love to do.

This is what some of our customers think:

Nina P.
Los Angeles, CA
4.0 star rating 
not sure why this grooming place hasn't gotten more reviews
considering they have been around for about 20 yrs...but I 
am glad I found this place and took our dog there. 
We moved from out of state about 3 months ago and have been 
looking for a local groomers.  We first took our dog to Petsmart 
but I am glad they didn't take our 11 yr old dog in (he's got a 
disc problem and is incontinent which make him aggressive).  
Perhaps it's the negative vibe there but it was completely 
different when I took my dog to Teddy's.  They did a great job 
and was very friendly.  I am giving this place 4 stars because 
they only take cash or check and also because they didn't cut 
his hair short enough but I am very satisfied with the staff 
and their work.  Thank you Teddy's!  
I will be taking our dog back for future grooming.
OH!  I forgot that they put a Easter scarf around his neck when 
I went to pick him up!  He was just so cute! =)

Cyndi M.
Tucson, AZ
5.0 star rating 
I've been taking my dog there for almost 8 years!!! Wonderful 
employees and my dog always looks perfect!!! Thank you so much!!

Cathy P.
Rosemount, MN
5.0 star rating 
Went to Teddy's while on holiday in Tucson this past Feb.  As 
always, they did a fabulous job and when we flew back north the 
next day, several people at the airport commented he looks like 
a show dog!  
This is bar-none the BEST groomer I have ever taken my dogs.  
They are kind and obviously love every pet that sets paws in the 
place.   My dogs never had nicks, cuts or scratches, unlike the 
groomer across the street that became famous because Oprah took 
her dogs there.  
Their prices are reasonable, they were gentle with my elderly 
Shih Tzus and my very spoiled BijaPoo.   They were always on time, 
I never waited hours for my dogs to be done (unlike the Oprah famous 
place across the street) and they always looked adorable when we 
picked them up.
I moved away from Tucson and have tried to find a groomer comparable 
to Teddy's.  They have left such a high standard in my mind that I 
have yet to find ANY groomer in my new location who does a better job 
and who is obviously kind to and loves the pets.   Another bonus is 
they are open on Sunday.   
This is the BEST groomer.  I wish I could find a groomer as wonderful 
as the groomers at Teddy's.

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